Young person who had Anorexia Nervosa

'I learned how to gently and confidently face my fears and let my eating disorder go. I achieved my goal of starting university in September something I had previously been told I would not be able to do because I would not be well enough.  Thank you.' 
SS  female 2023.

Young person's parent testimonial.

"Annabelle came into my daughter's life at a time when she was very vulnerable and had considerable mental health, self-harm, depression and self-esteem issues, it was heart breaking to see her so vulnerable and not be able to help her get better.
Annabelle slowly drew her out of herself and gave her new ways to think about things and herself, as well as giving her the tools and techniques to work on when she is feeling down. Our whole family is in a much better place as a result. Thank you"
CL Mother of LL 2023

Low Self-Esteem causing work related problems.

'I never thought I would have a mental health issue but negative situations at work caused me to doubt myself. I became depressed and anxious and had to take time off. Thank you I am now back to my old self, confident leading my team and striding forward. I would recommend CBT to everyone'.  
MD male 50's 2023

OCD Oxford University Student.

'My OCD and fear of making a mistake or harming someone had become so bad I couldn't go out. I had developed multipul rituals around washing, cleanliness and numbers it was affecting every area of my life, to the extent I no longer had one. CBT was intersting and fun after 10 sessions my life had completely changed for the better, no OCD rituals and I had challenged my beliefs. Thank you Annabelle'
RW Female 20's 2023